Symbian Mobile Development

Symbian is a mobile operating system (OS) and computing platform designed for the Smartphone. Symbian gives full flexibility and hence it can offer users reasonably priced tablet style touch screen phones, through to high-end Smartphone with features such as full keyboards, outstanding cameras, and leading edge technology such as NFC. Symbian OS has become the largest platform for mobile development companies. The half of the mobile market is based on Symbian OS as mobile companies like Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericson and many others are using Symbian OS to develop their apps.

As Symbian has huge potential it is compatible on every possible communication devices and even works well with different network frequencies like GSM, 3G, EDGE and many more. To develop Symbian OS applications our developers uses JAVA, C++, OPL and .Net. At NovaRadix, our programmers are also expert in designing and implementing rich graphics that are appealing and sticky for the users. We have developed number of various versions of custom applications / Games for different versions of Symbian OS by using latest technologies. Our experts are able to develop a series of projects like e-commerce portals, security systems, applications like messaging, Bluetooth, business applications specifically for Symbian based mobile.

In today’s world mobile is not the device to only hear and talk but they solve various purposes such as surfing the Internet, emailing, playing online games, music, camera, chatting with friends and many more. Symbian mobile applications are full supported with day to day user requirements and hence our developers keep update about daily market demands in mobile world. Our experienced Symbian developers are rich in developing the apps which work under each Symbian platform. We have developed all size of apps starting from simple user-friendly interface to rich-multimedia applications which includes multimedia apps, business apps and games for Symbian-based smart phones and devices.

We develop below various categories of Symbian mobile apps.

  • Games and Multimedia feature enable mobile software Applications.
  • Client/Server Application development over the Network Protocol for Symbian OS enable devices.
  • Security Applications for Symbian OS enable mobile devices and e-commerce and communication Applications for Symbian mobile devices.
  • Custom mobile Application software for Symbian OSenables mobile devices.
  • GPS Application and Software Testing.
  • Messaging Application- SMS / MMS applications
  • IrDa and Bluetooth-based Application for Symbian enable Mobile Devices.
  • Symbian Client/Server Architecture
  • Symbian Networking
  • Telephony and PC connectivity
  • Streaming based applications
  • SIP protocol based applications
  • Symbian touch UserInterface
  • Media streaming and media format decoding
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS

Our dedicated developers are ready to work for you on your terms and conditions in terms of time and development proficiency. If you want to develop the robust and reliable Symbian mobile apps please drop us mail and we will get back to you within 24 hours.